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Easy Financing

Please note that since we accrue fees on our end when you choose to finance, we are unable to extend any discounts on financed purchases. If the system erroneously allows you to apply a discount code on financed equipment, it will be removed. Thank you for your kind understanding.


If you are planning on making a purchase under your own name and not a business name, then please choose SKEPS at checkout. The equipment can still be used for business purposes. You must provide a cell phone number registered under your name on the application, otherwise you will not be able to obtain financing.

Program terms as of this writing are:

  • ZERO percent financing: up to 6 months at 0% (this may change in the future)
  • Maximum loan amount $12,000
  • Maximum term 36 months
  • Interest rate: please go through the checkout process to see what rate you prequalify for based on the term you choose--there is no obligation to proceed

There is no impact to your credit score to check your qualification and program terms on SKEPS!


All business purchases from $500 and up to $50,000 can be leased-to-own up to 60 months. We also have a 12 month same as cash option (similar to 0% financing).

Simply click on the green "TimePayment" button beside the Add to Cart button on the product's page. If the green button is not there, it means your item is below the minimum $500 threshold and does not yet qualify for financing.

Once you click the green financing button, you will be taken to a quick application page.

There is no fee to apply and no obligation, either. TimePayment will review your credit. All credit types are considered--good and challenged--and TimePayment makes every good-faith effort to approve everyone. 


So go ahead and apply today and our credit specialists will reach out to you once approved and present all payment options available to you!

*Orders over $10,000 must be manually approved and decisions may take longer.

*Coupon codes can not be used when financing equipment. 

Apply for Business Equipment

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Bamboo Deco is not a subsidiary or affiliate of TimePayment Corp., nor do we receive any kind of incentive or commission for allowing customers to use TimePayment Corp. The service is offered to provide convenient payment options, which are available to all qualified customers. By financing or leasing with TimePayment Corp., a third party, you agree to hold Bamboo Deco harmless to any disputes arising between yourself and TimePayment Corp. and understand we have no affiliation whatsoever with them, any bank, finance, credit service, or options which they, or others, may offer you.


My credit isn't so good, can I still apply?

Absolutely. TimePayment is not a broker, it is a subsidiary of MicroFinancial Inc., a leader in direct financing & leasing. Unlike over 90% of stores out there, we go direct to the source, TimePayment, with no broker in between. This means we have direct link in helping most clients get approved, including those with credit marred by unfortunate past events.

Why should I go through you and not someone else?

Since we do not deal with any brokers at all, when you comparison shop you will notice our payments are generally 10-15% lower.

What is the interest rate?

Just like a car lease, there is a payment and no real interest rate. Leasing is not a loan, but still affords the option to own an item like a loan. Once you are approved, a representative will call you with all payment options, which are guaranteed to match or be lower than any other merchant. 

What if I want to return an item?

Unlike a credit card or PayPal purchase, when you enter into a lease agreement you cannot cancel the order. Generally, the same applies for any kind of lease (car, etc). Think of it this way: TimePayment will purchase the item on your behalf, then lease it to you, and once paid off it will be yours. Since TimePayment purchases the item for you on day 1, they own it, not the client. Hence they would need to return it--but leasing companies do not do this as it would be inefficient and not cost-effective and thus leases are always final. Please be sure to understand leased purchases are final.

Why do you not offer zero percent financing?

TimePayment does not offer loans or lines of credit, hence they do not factor "interest rates". They are one of the largest leasing companies in the U.S. You may see zero percent financing offers on large box retailers, but that is usually a credit card with an intro period. TimePayment does not offer credit cards at this time.


Thank you for choosing us for your financing needs!